The Flowering Plum Shrub?

Answer The flowering natal plum shrub (Carissa macrocarpa, C. grandiflora), native to South Africa's coastal forests and sand dunes, has made its way to U.S. gardens in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 throug... Read More »

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What is the scientific name for the flowering plum?

The scientific name for the flowering plum is Prunus triloba Lindl. It belongs to the Prunus L. (plum) genus and the Rosaceae (Rose family) family. Prunus triloba Lindl. is considered invasive beca... Read More »

Escallonia Flowering Shrub?

Native to South America, the Escallonia family (Escalloniaceae) contains more than 40 shrubs and trees. Named after the Spaniard Senor Escallon, who traveled through South America, Escallonia thriv... Read More »

How do I prune a flowering plum tree?

PruningRemove any damaged, diseased or dead branches with pruning shears from the flowering plum tree. Trim any branches that get in the way of lawn maintenance or that are cosmetically unpleasing ... Read More »

What Month Can I Prune a Flowering Plum?

Flowering plum trees may bear some summer fruit but are grown mostly for their stunning spring floral displays. Japanese flowering plums (Prunus cerasifera) and the double-flowered blireiana plum h... Read More »