The First Computer Bug in History?

Answer In computing, a bug is a software fault. Popular legend has it that the originator of the term "bug" was Grace Murray Hopper, who coined it in 1945 or 1946, upon finding an insect in the computer s... Read More »

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On my desktop computer it records the history of sites visted under My Computer. Can I turn this off?

Go to the control panel and open Internet Options. Under Browsing History open settings. Under history, set days to keep pages in history to zero. When you close the browser, the history will be cl... Read More »

What is the best way to eliminate tracking history. Or even having a tracking history on my computer?

Which computer was the first major computer system to incorporate an all integrated circuit memory?

The first major computer system to incorporate an all-integrated circuit memory was IBM's System/360, introduced in 1964. With an initial investment of over $5 billion, IBM's System/360, a family o... Read More »

Who was the first samurai in history?

The samurai order of Japanese warriors developed during the ninth and 10th centuries. Taira Masakado, who led a 10th century insurrection, was not literally the first samurai, but some scholars con... Read More »