The Financial Risk of Hedging?

Answer Hedging is generally known as a way to reduce risk, but for some investors, business managers and asset managers, it can actually increase certain kinds of risk. An effective hedge is one that goes... Read More »

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What is the difference between business risk&financial risk?

Business and financial risk are two of the main risks in operating a company. While they are interrelated, they are distinct business concepts, one relating to the financial strength of a specific ... Read More »

Financial Risk Vs. Financial Return?

Financial risk is the risk is the uncertainty of the return on an investment. It is the risk of investor loss from financing instruments a company might use to raise money. Equity financing present... Read More »

What is financial risk?

Financial risk is not only something that affects investors. It affects companies, as well. While the terms are related when comparing individuals and corporations, there are some slight difference... Read More »

How to Mitigate Financial Risk?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of most successful business operations. The more access a company has to cash flow, the more likely it is that management can pursue profitable opportunities when they co... Read More »