The Feeding Height of a Bird Feeder for a Cardinal?

Answer Northern Cardinals are found across the eastern and parts of the southwestern United States. The male cardinal is one of the easiest birds to spot with its bright red coloring. Females are pale bro... Read More »

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Optimum Height for a Pole Mounted Platform Bird Feeder?

Finding the optimum height for a pole-mounted platform feeder depends upon what birds you want to attract. Birds are attracted to feeders placed at the same height as where they normally find food.... Read More »

Can you get bird flu from pulling weeds under a bird feeder?

It is possible. Bird flu can be caught from the feces, saliva, and nasal secretions of a diseased bird. If a bird with bird flu has defecated on the sprouted weeds, then it can be transmitted to yo... Read More »

Pool automatic chlorine feeder not feeding, can I fix it?

Hi There,the device works by flowing a controlled amount of water into the device, through the chlorine tablets then back into the pipe ( through the control valve) then to the pool.You can probabl... Read More »

Information on the Cardinal Bird?

Cardinals, or red birds, may be the most easily-identifiable bird in the world. Their bright red feathers give them away and make them favorites among young and old alike. These songbirds enjoy war... Read More »