The Fastest Way to Take off Sheet Rock?

Answer Most home remodeling projects include the removal of sheetrock (drywall). This project can be messy and frustrating without proper planning. Some methods of removal are faster and more productive t... Read More »

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How would you fix this sheet rock damage that was caused by...?

Find the bran muffin she threw. Stomp it into dust and put the dust into a bowl. Add a little bleach to lighten it to match the color of the sheet rock. Stir the mixture well until it has a past... Read More »

Whats the correct way to put sheet rock on a ceiling?

Yes, you always put sheet rock up at right angles to the joists on the ceiling just because you are not as likely to have a problem with a crooked joist causing a gap at the edge of a sheet and t... Read More »

How do I remove marble tiles from sheet rock?

Remove the GroutDig out the grout around each of the marble tiles that has to be replaced, using a grout saw (a straight, thick blade with a handle). Push the grout saw forward and back over each g... Read More »

Can wall tile be installed directly to sheet rock?

You can install tile on drywall, but not in all circumstances. For showers and other areas exposed to water, it is best to install the tile over a cement board base. Tile installed over drywall in ... Read More »