The Fastest Asus Gaming Laptops?

Answer Asus is a very popular manufacturer of computers and computer parts. In addition, it offers a wide range of notebook computers, including a number of laptops designed for gaming. Asus is also one o... Read More »

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Asus vs Gateway Laptops?

Asus.Almost every site that ranks such things ranks Asus in the top five in terms of customer satisfaction and build quality--often number two (after Apple, who is almost always number one). Gatewa... Read More »

Are ASUS laptops with UMA graphics good for minecraft?

Yeah I believe it would be able to run it on medium settings and maybe even on high. The game hardly requires anything for it to run good lol The i5 and RAM by themselves should be able to boost th... Read More »

Will asus eee laptops work with a projector?

Because all Asus EEE laptops are equipped with both VGA and USB ports, they can work with a VGA-port-equipped projector. You can either make a direct connection from the VGA port to the projector ... Read More »

What is the name of the ASUS family of mini laptops?

The ASUS line of mini laptops is known as Eee PC. Small and inexpensive, these laptops are popularly known as netbooks. ASUS also uses the "Eee" name for its EeeTop touch-screen computers and EeeB... Read More »