The False and Downright Crazy Things New Parents Are Told?

Answer You can count half notes on the drums by using a metronome and simple math. The length of a whole note in standard time is 4 beats. A half note is played every 2 beats and a quarter note is played ... Read More »

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I was told by a photographer, digital photos stored on cds will fade away after a couple of years. True/false?

16 people so far seem to disagree. They are wrong and your photographer friend is right (though I think he didn't store them correctly).It depends on the quality of the CD. If you are concerned, us... Read More »

Crazy Things to Do in LA?

For tourists in Los Angeles that like to stray off the beaten path, or residents that want to explore the city on a deeper level, there are several options to pull your visit out of the mundane. Lo... Read More »

Most crazy things to do before you die?

i will live life t othe fullest with spending all my money to visit the world and have fun with friends and family for 350 days. for the remaining 15 days i will get revenge on everyone thats ever ... Read More »

Dares, crazy things to do and Q&A?

Stick a stick up your peehole or sh!t on your neighbours doorstep.