The Fair Labor Laws for Working a Person Off the Clock?

Answer The Fair Labor Standards Act focuses on payment of minimum wage and overtime compensation, restrictions on employment of children and employer recordkeeping as it relates to employees. Established ... Read More »

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Fair Labor Laws?

The United States federal government regulates the payroll and working schedules of Americans to ensure that earners are compensated fair wages and working hours. Most employers must abide by the l... Read More »

Fair Labor Laws in Iowa?

The state of Iowa follows the rules laid out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in regard to wages, child labor and overtime. The U.S. Congress passed the FLSA in 1938 to protect employees from... Read More »

Fair Labor Laws in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has many labor laws that apply to employers and employees. Pennsylvania employees who aware of the state's labors laws know what to expect and what not to expect under state law.

Minnesota Fair Labor Laws?

Though federal law has clear regulations for pay and fair work, individual states also have fair work standards. In Minnesota, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act covers employees of companies who... Read More »