The Evergreen Shrubs Are Turning Yellow?

Answer Unlike deciduous plants that drop their foliage before winter, evergreen shrubs retain their leaves and liven up the landscape all year round. Yellowing foliage on evergreen shrubs indicates a prob... Read More »

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How to Identify Yellow & Variegated Evergreen Cedar Shrubs?

Cedar is a genus of narrow-leaf evergreens with either scaly, flat leaf boughs or needle-like rounded branch forms. Most cedars have a green, blue or gray cast to their foliage or some combination ... Read More »

Red Evergreen Shrubs?

Evergreen shrubs add year-round interest to a landscape and carry the garden through dull winter months when nothing or not much blooms. Red varieties provide a contrast to greens and can be used a... Read More »

Low Evergreen Shrubs?

Including perennial or annual flowers in your landscape design can provide beautiful blooms in the spring and summer, but those plants will die back at the end of their growing season. If you want ... Read More »

Creeping Evergreen Shrubs?

Ground covers have serious advantages over turf grass: They use less water, require less maintenance, add interest to landscapes and may even reduce fire risk in areas where wildfires are common. E... Read More »