The Equity Method of Accounting for Subsidiaries?

Answer Businesses combine forces and transform into larger companies. These combinations occur as the result of mergers or acquisitions. A merger refers to two companies joining together to create an enti... Read More »

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When Would a Fair Value Method Be More Appropriate Than the Equity Method?

When determining the value of an investment to be reported on the financial statements, you must make a choice between the fair value method and the equity method. The Financial Accounting Standard... Read More »

Private Equity Accounting Jobs?

Private equity accountants help firms report financial information according to accounting rules accepted in the industry. Accountants oversee and maintain internal controls and policies and proced... Read More »

What is equity method in a financial statement?

Investments in equity securities can be accounted for in the financial statements in a variety of methods, depending on the specific investment being made. One of these methods is the equity method... Read More »

The Double Extension Method in Accounting?

Managing inventory is an important part of running a successful retail business. To maximize income, companies need to have the right amount of products at any given time. As a company purchases in... Read More »