The Environmental Effects of Gravel Pits?

Answer Gravel pits are land excavations created to extract non-renewable sand and gravel resources. Gravel is identified by particle size; any loose rock larger than 2 mm (0.079 inches) in its smallest di... Read More »

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Environmental Effects of Methane?

Methane is a trace constituent in earth's atmosphere that both occurs naturally and is manmade. Recently, scientists have linked the increased release of methane into the atmosphere with global war... Read More »

What Are the Environmental Effects of Smog?

Smog contains many small particles, including ozone, pollens, topsoil, wood smoke, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, organic compounds, hydrocarbons and road dust. Smog negatively affects both th... Read More »

Environmental Effects of Wooden Bridges?

Bridges can be made out of many different materials, including wood, concrete and metal. Each of these materials has a different environmental impact. While wooden bridges are, for the most part, e... Read More »

Environmental Effects of Agricultural Biotechnology?

The emergence of agricultural biotechnology has been held out as the great hope for meeting the food needs of a rapidly expanding world population. It has promised greater agricultural efficiencies... Read More »