The Endangered Animals of Deciduous Forest Biomes?

Answer Deciduous trees are known for their colorful fall foliage and serve as a habitat for a variety of wildlife species. However, some of these species are on the verge of extinction due to loss of habi... Read More »

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Endangered Plants and Animals in Marine Biomes?

The surface of the Earth is comprised of 75 percent marine biomes, which include oceans, estuaries and coral reefs. They are crucial to human survival as they provide much of the planet's oxygen su... Read More »

What is the meaning of a deciduous forest?

Webster's dictionary defines "deciduous" as "falling or shed seasonally or at a certain stage of development in the life cycle." A deciduous forest is comprised of leaf-shedding trees.TypesElms, ma... Read More »

Which plants live in the deciduous forest?

oaks,beeches hickories,and maple and also The American Beech tree grows in the southern and eastern parts of the United States. It grows in deciduous forests all over Maine and northern Massachuset... Read More »

What is the latitude of a temperate deciduous forest?

Temperate deciduous forests grow between 23.5 degrees to 60 degrees latitude in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, according to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. This biome has... Read More »