"The Emperor's Egg" Activities?

Answer "The Emperor's Egg," by Martin Jenkins, details the story of a penguin father trusted with the responsibility of watching over its baby. The mother penguin leaves the egg with the father for two mo... Read More »

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Why Did Roman Emperors Hold Gladiator Battles & Chariot Races?

Ancient Romans valued their entertainment, which is evident in the multitude of sports, contests and events held within the Roman Empire. Events like chariot races and gladiator battles were a stap... Read More »

What are some good activities for preschoolers around "All about me" theme Has to be intentional activities..?

I'm not sure what DRDP is either, but here are some activities that come to mind:>Give each child a blank white poster board to take home with the title All About Me! at the top. Include a note t... Read More »

Dance & Rhythmic Pattern Activities in Physical Activities?

The American Heart Association lists dance as one of the best ways to incorporate active play into adult life, and learning institutions include dance for PE classes across the country. According t... Read More »

Kid Pix Activities?

Kid Pix Studio software has evolved from an entertaining and educational 2D program into an enhanced interactive 3D learning program. You can incorporate the art and video creation activities into ... Read More »