The Effects of the 2004 Tsunami on the Physical Environment?

Answer On December 26, 2004, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred under the Indian Ocean. Its epicenter was located off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The shifting tectonic plates on the oc... Read More »

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What are the effects of physical environment towards preschool child?

it can either be a negative effect or a positive one. example: if your child is in an environment where all the other children are yelling, screaming being disrespectful slowly but shortly your chi... Read More »

Why Is the Physical Environment Significant in Creating an Effective Classroom Environment?

The physical environment of a classroom helps to set the tone for the success of your students. Classroom setup is very important, especially for children in younger grades who spend most of the sc... Read More »

How to Set Up the Physical Environment of a Classroom?

Influence on a student's educational experience is not restricted to the teacher and the way she presents her material. Every element in a classroom can play a role, including the physical orientat... Read More »

Physical Challenges of the Homeschooling Environment?

Your high schooler is trying to factor third-degree polynomials, while your middle schooler is practicing trumpet. At the same time, your preschooler is crying in the arms of the cook, soon to be l... Read More »