The Effects of a Comet Hitting the Earth?

Answer Comets are composed of frozen gases, water and dust. They often travel along irregular orbits around the sun, losing particles and debris as they get closer to the sun and begin to warm. This debri... Read More »

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How to Survive a Super Comet Hitting Earth?

A large comet could come from the outer reaches of the solar system at very short notice. See how you could survive a comet impact like the one that killed the dinosaurs.

What was the year that the earth last saw halley's comet?

Halley's Comet was last visible from earth in 1986 and is predicted to return in 2061. Halley's Comet has reappeared every 74 to 79 years since 240 B.C. The comet was named after the English astron... Read More »

Mission SMN-076 Astronaut Captain Miranda Bach-was their a live spore found in her mission capsule that later may have killed her. She talks of an incident comet dust hitting them and in capsule?

Note: This is science fiction. The LOST TAPES episode "Alien" begins with: "The presence of hidden creatures is the subject of continued debate" ... "The following story is INSPIRED by the possibil... Read More »

Whats the stupidest reason someone has given for hitting you or nearly hitting you?

guy changed lanes on me & clipped me on the side.. he was in a turn right only lane.. I was going straight through the intersection traveling in the same direction.. & what he said.." I know its... Read More »