The Effects of a Broken Engine Control Unit?

Answer Some effects of a broken engine control unit (ECU) vary among vehicle makes, models and years, but many symptoms are common among different cars. The ECU is expensive, so it's important to accurate... Read More »

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Where Is the Engine Control Unit?

The engine management unit, also known as the engine control unit (ECU) and fuel management unit (FMU), is a computer responsible for controlling your engine's ignition and fuel injector timing. Lo... Read More »

How to Check a Honda Engine Control Unit?

The engine control unit in a Honda monitors the vehicle's performance. It also generates and stores any error codes that are the result of a faulty system component. The codes will normally be stor... Read More »

Should my landlord pay for hotel fees when my HVAC unit is broken?

On One Hand: Might Be LiableThere are two key things that may make a landlord liable for hotel expenses when repairs are being made. The first is the specific state the property is in, because laws... Read More »

The Effects of Rain on a Window Air-conditioning Unit?

Window air conditioners cool the air inside a room and vent the hot air through radiator fins outdoors. Some people cover their window air conditioners to keep drafts out of the room in the winter.... Read More »