The Effects of Unqualified Teachers on Education?

Answer Despite a broad range of new teaching methodologies implemented in the classroom, research has shown that teachers play the largest role in the success of a school. Despite this, principals continu... Read More »

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What Effects Does Education Have on Teachers?

Certified teachers may have undergraduate or graduate level degrees. Many teachers major in education as undergraduates, while others major in different fields and then receive certification after ... Read More »

How to Get General Education Teachers Trained to Work With Special Education Students?

In many cases, schools do not have the resources required to make sure that special education students are always taught by those with expertise that relates specifically to those types of students... Read More »

Special Education Training for General Education Teachers?

Teaching requirements vary from state to state, but a number of states require credentialed teachers to complete general education classes that include teaching methods for students with special ne... Read More »

Professional Education for Teachers?

Teachers are lifelong learners. The fact that they are good students themselves qualifies them in part to be teachers. Good teachers seek ways to keep learning new and improved approaches to commun... Read More »