The Effects of Temperature on E. Coli?

Answer E. coli is a type of bacteria commonly found in the intestinal tracts of large mammals. Humans naturally harbor certain strains of E. coli in their intestines, but other strains can cause serious g... Read More »

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Effects of enterotoxigenic E. coli?

Try searching with the terms Shiga toxin and mechanism.

The Effects of Temperature Inversion?

If you have ever noticed the change in temperature as you go to a higher elevation, such as driving up a mountain road to the summit, then you have probably noticed that it is much cooler at the to... Read More »

The Effects of Temperature on the pH of Water?

A substance's pH is a measure of its acidity. A pH value below 7 implies an acidic substance, while a pH above 7 means the material is alkaline. Water is often thought of as "neutral," which means ... Read More »

Temperature Effects on Bowling Balls?

Some bowlers store their equipment in the trunk of their car. This usually exposes bowling balls to extreme heat or extreme cold--or both, depending on location. This affects the bowling ball, and ... Read More »