The Effects of Temperature on Dissolved Oxygen?

Answer As the temperature of water increases, the solubility of gases, including oxygen, decreases. In other words, cold water can hold more oxygen than the same amount of warm water. Dissolved oxygen is ... Read More »

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How does dissolved oxygen get into the water?

The dissolved oxygen in water is essential to supporting aquatic life, because fish use that oxygen to breathe. Kentucky Water Watch says the sources of the oxygen include the atmosphere, aeration ... Read More »

What is a dissolved oxygen meter?

The dissolved oxygen meter is a device that can measure the levels of oxygen in water. Certain creatures require specific oxygen levels within the water to thrive, so the meter is beneficial for ch... Read More »

How do I Calibrate pH and Dissolved Oxygen Meters?

Dissolved oxygen and pH meters are very useful instruments for determining factors in a swimming pool's or spa's waters; the dissolved oxygen content and pH of the swimming pool or spa are very str... Read More »

How to Measure Dissolved Oxygen in Water?

When scientists learned how measure dissolved oxygen in water, they discovered that bodies of water breathe---at least the ones with plant life in them do. The dissolved oxygen level in a healthy p... Read More »