The Effects of Tanning Radiation?

Answer A lot of people go tanning to get a base tan before leaving on a vacation. Getting that "healthy glow" isn't really that healthy at all. There are many side effects of tanning, especially tanning d... Read More »

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Tanning Bed Radiation?

There are many varieties of tanning beds on the market today, however the ultraviolet light bulbs used in all of them emit radiation. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, this ultraviolet radiatio... Read More »

What Type of UV Radiation Is Released by a Tanning Bed?

Tanning beds offer a quick, effective and convenient way to acquire a tan. Despite claims that tanning beds provide a harmless alternative to natural sunlight, the World Health Organization states ... Read More »

The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Plants?

Radiation in the ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma wavelengths causes the atomic bonds of molecules to break down and release electrons. The release of electrons from the molecule causes a change in mol... Read More »

Physical Effects of Nuclear Radiation?

Nuclear energy is the energy emitted from the nucleus of an atom. This happens when the atom's mass turns into energy and the resulting rays are nuclear radiation. The physical effects of nuclear r... Read More »