The Effects of Surrogacy on Future Generations?

Answer Ten million American couples are considered infertile, according to Fertility Today, a reproductive health magazine. Surrogacy, one option for infertile couples, can help but it raises ethical and ... Read More »

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Will future generations consider eating animal meat barbaric?

Many already do. Truly it doesn't seem right to kill an animal so one can eat. So many animals are vegetarians and have no problems sustaining. You asked a question earlier about cutting out mea... Read More »

If girls aged 12-13 were to get the cervical cancer vaccine, what would the effects be on the future?

vaccines are for infectious diseases only... diseases that are caused either by certain species of bacteria or viruses. vaccines are not used in cancer prevention. in short, there is no such thin... Read More »

Why a woman who is going for a surrogacy should have at least one infant?

Bleeding need not necessarily be due to perforation of eardrum. If the wax is hard some bleeding can be expected due to abrasion of the lining of the ear canal.

How to Decide on Surrogacy in India?

Surrogacy in the United States costs US$60,000 to US$80,000[1] and it can be difficult to find gestational surrogates. Surrogacy in United Kingdom costs US$25,000 to US$35,000. Surrogacy in India c... Read More »