The Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Laying Hens?

Answer Tall, yellow flowers waving gently in the breeze, sunflowers, besides their beauty, produce seeds eaten by humans, wildlife and livestock. Poultry, including laying hens, scarf down sunflower seeds... Read More »

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Health Effects of Sunflower Seeds?

You can buy sunflower seeds in grocery stores and health food stores alike; however, it is the raw, unsalted sunflower kernels that provide the most health benefits. Sunflower seeds can also have a... Read More »

How to Promote Egg Laying in Hens?

Here is how we take care of our chickens at home, to receive healthy organic eggs. Built the coop from recycled fence panels. It's keep low maintenance. The chickens fertilize the garden also & hel... Read More »

How to Feed Laying Hens?

Laying hens need appropriate feed to lay good, strong, large eggs and be healthy, here's what should be fed.

Influence of Low Proteins Fed to Laying Hens?

Actively laying hens require a diet specifically designed for layer chickens. The correct amount of protein, calcium and other nutrients must be in place in order for a optimum laying and overall ... Read More »