The Effects of Sugar on an Engine?

Answer It has widely been thought that adding sugar to a car's gas tank causes irreparable damage. The theory is that sugar clogs up the engine and causes it to stall. In actuality, sugar causes little to... Read More »

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The Effects of Sugar in a Gas Tank?

It has been a long-held belief that the effects of sugar in a gas tank can be devastating for a car motor. It is believed that sugar clogs the fuel injection system and stalls the engine.

The Effects of Moist Heat on Sugar?

In cooking, the term "moist heat" refers to moisture or liquid added to sugar, creating a mixture that's heated for a specified period of time. Moist heat changes the character of sugar molecules -... Read More »

How to Neutralize the Effects of Sugar on the Body?

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates the average person consumes approximately 20 teaspoons of sugar each day -- twice as much as the daily recommendation. When your body takes in ... Read More »

Whindraw effects of Caffeine and Sugar?

-Headaches-Fatigue-Lethargy (no energy or interest in certain things)-Moments of being hyper, followed by crashing-Insomnia -Massive cravings for sugar that will come and goThese can last another 2... Read More »