The Effects of Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Answer It has been a long-held belief that the effects of sugar in a gas tank can be devastating for a car motor. It is believed that sugar clogs the fuel injection system and stalls the engine.

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How to Fix Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Discovering that sugar has been put in the gas tank of a car may cause extreme panic for the vehicle's owner. This is largely because legend has it that the sugar will melt in the tank and then pas... Read More »

Symptoms of Sugar in the Gas Tank?

Cheating husband? Bully picking on you at school? Boss just fired you? Rumor has it that granulated sugar dumped into a person's gas tank will destroy the car's engine. Revenge is sweet. Literally.... Read More »

How to Clean Sugar Out of a Gas Tank?

Discovering you have had sugar put into your gas tank can be frightening experience, especially if you want to use your vehicle right then. Contrary to popular beliefs, sugar in your gas tank is no... Read More »

How to Repair Sugar in the Gas Tank?

Vandals and other jokesters sometimes put sugar in a gas tank, but it is no laughing matter for the owner of the vehicle. Sugar can damage the fuel system--particularly the filter and the pump--and... Read More »