The Effects of Smoking Around a Computer?

Answer It is well documented that cigarette smoke is exceedingly harmful to the human body. In addition to the health risks, when a smoker indulges his habit while sitting at his computer, he is also caus... Read More »

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Why men/women still smoking event they know the hazard effects of smoking?

Some suggest cigarettes are more addictive than crack cocaine. Why do people continue to eat poorly even though they know it's unhealthy? It's human nature my friend.

What are the after-effects of smoking?

The after-effects of smoking depend on whether you are a long-term or short-term smoker; however, the after-effects of both should be weighed before lighting up. The American Cancer Institute relat... Read More »

Smoking's Effects on the Skin?

From cancer to lung disease, there is a great deal of evidence of the negative health effects of smoking. But have you ever thought about how smoking affects your skin? It does more than you thin... Read More »

What Effects Does Smoking Have on the Pancreas?

Most people know that smoking has a large negative impact on your lungs, but smoking also affects other organs, such as your pancreas. In fact, the effect of smoking on your pancreas may put you at... Read More »