The Effects of Rubbing Alcohol on the Skin?

Answer Isopropyl alcohol is made up of 68 to 99 percent isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) by volume. Sold at drug stores and large retailers, it can often be purchased for as little as a dollar. Safe for ch... Read More »

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Can rubbing alcohol have long-term negative effects on the skin?

On One Hand: Rubbing Alcohol is an Effective DisinfectantAccording to the New South Wales, Australia, Department of Health, rubbing alcohol and alcohol-based hand rubs are an effective disinfectant... Read More »

About Rubbing Alcohol on Acne Skin?

Rubbing alcohol is widely available in drug stores for a variety of uses. It's next of kin, isopropyl alcohol, is often used in a similar manner as rubbing alcohol. It is sometimes touted as a wa... Read More »

What's the difference between green rubbing alcohol vs white rubbing alcohol?

Effects of Alcohol on Skin?

Alcohol, the common term for ethanol, is produced by glucose fermenting into yeast, and the amount of alcohol in a particular drink is determined by the quantity of yeast and how long the liquid ha... Read More »