The Effects of Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom?

Answer Positive reinforcement is practice aimed at increasing the likelihood that a behavior will reoccur. The reinforcement takes place after the behavior and can include both material and non-material r... Read More »

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Classroom Positive Reinforcement Ideas?

Positive reinforcement is a response to behavior that raises the probability that desired behavior will be repeated. It should be consistently and promptly delivered so that students perceive the l... Read More »

The Positive Effects of Classroom Routines?

Developing a routine or procedures is necessary for a well-run classroom. Routines determine how you and your students will respond to certain situations, such as turning in assignments, lunchtime,... Read More »

The Positive Effects of Memorization in the Classroom?

Some may find it useless to collect and store a huge amount of data in their memory. To know how to retrieve the information may seem more important than to keep it in your head. We should say inst... Read More »

What Are the Positive Effects of Computers in the Classroom?

In recent decades, teachers have introduced technology into the classrooms. By providing computers in class, they have given students the chance to research and complete their assignments with adva... Read More »