The Effects of Pollution on Plants & Animals?

Answer Pollution isn't just a problem for humans. Pollution affects everything that lives on earth, including plants and animals. It has been blamed on everything from diseases like cancer in animals to e... Read More »

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The Effects of Air Pollution on Animals for Kids?

Air pollution is a serious environmental condition, which affects all living things, including plants, animals and humans. Sometimes the effects of air pollution are obvious, such as smog in the sk... Read More »

How does pollution affect plants&animals?

Pollution of all types can damage the health of plants and animals. Sometimes, this damage can be so severe that it leads to a collapse of an entire ecosystem.Air PollutionAir pollution can cause a... Read More »

How Does Pollution Affect Plants & Animals?

Pollution to the water, air and soil is harmful to plants and animals. It causes injury and death to animals and inhibits the growth of plant species. The toxic chemicals taken in by plants and ani... Read More »

The Effects of Chemical Pollution on Plants?

As society has become more industrialized, plants have had a difficult time staying alive. More houses and buildings have been constructed over former forests and fields. Many trees and plants have... Read More »