The Effects of Numeracy in the Classroom?

Answer Numeracy is to mathematics and basic arithmetic what literacy is to reading and writing. Numeracy is loosely defined from the Crowther Report in 1959 as the ability to perform everyday arithmetic a... Read More »

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The Effects of Art in the Classroom?

Art in the classroom enables students to illustrate the lesson and learn visually. For example, a student may be instructed to draw the solution to a math problem or design a food chain chart. Teac... Read More »

Effects of Mainstreaming in the Classroom?

A mainstreamed child has had his special needs identified and is tutored by a teacher who is trained to help him in his weak areas. He is encouraged to develop his strengths. When a child is mainst... Read More »

Diversity in the Classroom & Its Effects?

All men are born equal. This democratic principle lies at the heart of the idea that all children should be educated in one classroom with peers of the same age, regardless of their ethnicity, race... Read More »

The Effects of Discipline in the Classroom?

A school classroom is designed for students to learn, but when a student acts out, it can affect every student in the class. Classroom discipline is needed to ensure students stay on topic, behave ... Read More »