The Effects of No Engine Oil on the Engine?

Answer Engine oil is a lubricant that keeps the various parts of your engine moving smoothly against one another without unnecessary abrasion or damage. If your engine runs low on oil or completely runs o... Read More »

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HHO Effects on an Engine?

"Brown's Gas," oxyhydrogen or HHO; whatever you want to call it, this gas burns with as much controversy as heat. HHO generators use electric current passing through water to split the water molecu... Read More »

The Effects of Poor Engine Oil?

Without engine oil, an engine would seize and cease to operate, probably with permanent damage. Engines of all types take varying amounts and weights of oil, and there are options for synthetic or ... Read More »

The Effects of Sugar on an Engine?

It has widely been thought that adding sugar to a car's gas tank causes irreparable damage. The theory is that sugar clogs up the engine and causes it to stall. In actuality, sugar causes little to... Read More »

The Effects of a Broken Engine Control Unit?

Some effects of a broken engine control unit (ECU) vary among vehicle makes, models and years, but many symptoms are common among different cars. The ECU is expensive, so it's important to accurate... Read More »