The Effects of Natural Light on Makeup?

Answer When applying your makeup there are many things to take into consideration, beginning with the lighting under which your makeup will be applied and, ultimately, worn. If done correctly, the effects... Read More »

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All-Natural, Light-Reflecting Makeup for Women Over 40?

If you're a woman who's 40 years old or older, you may be looking to change your skin-care regimen to keep the healthy skin you've had since your youth. As women age, they need to keep their skin h... Read More »

Natural makeup - or dramatic makeup [guys open; girls can to]?

i consider makeup being an art. i play with different designs and colors. i prefer very dramatic, standout type makeup, it doesn't look natural, but neither do the outfits we wear..i don't use it t... Read More »

How Do I Make Natural Makeup Using Natural Ingredients?

Both women and men benefit from an extra aesthetic boost every now and again. Makeup is the remedy of ages for hiding scars, evening out skin tones and enhancing your beauty. However, many of the p... Read More »

Does a tomato plant grow faster with artificial light or natural light?

As long as the artificial light you use emits the full-spectrum of light, the plant can't tell if it is natural or artificial. What you can do with artificial light to promote plant growth is exten... Read More »