The Effects of Micro-Ionized Water on Dental Health?

Answer A number of benefits have been ascribed to micro-ionized water, although there is limited research establishing the true benefits. The properties of this type of water are not in question; ionized ... Read More »

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The Effects of Alkalinity in Water on the Environment's Health?

The pH scale measures whether a substance is an acid or a base. For bodies of water like streams, ponds and lakes, it is important to keep the pH reading as close to neutral as possible. Alkalinity... Read More »

Is distilled water ionized?

Distilled water, which is not recommended for drinking, does have little amounts of ions in it, so therefore, it is not completely deionized. Distilled water is recommended for use in steam irons, ... Read More »

Is ionized water alkaline?

Ionized water can either be alkaline or acidic, depending on the electrolysis process used in its ionization. If the water has been chemically oxidized during electrolysis, it will be acidic. It th... Read More »

How to Store Ionized Water?

Ionized water, also called oxygenated water, is a type of water that has undergone a treatment procedure that changes the alkaline level of the liquid after passing through a filter. There are clai... Read More »