The Effects of Mechanical Design in Film Making?

Answer A film provides its audience with a form of escapism by exploring stories that revolve around specific characters, the places where they live and the things that they do. Often, a story requires vi... Read More »

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The Best MFA Film-Making Schools?

While a Master' of Fine Arts (MFA) isn't necessary to become a great filmmaker, a degree from one of the nation's top film schools certainly doesn't hurt. What's more, many of these programs involv... Read More »

Making an indie film?

It's all about the content, not the camera! If you're good it'll show no matter what camcorder you're using.

Worst ever film for making you cry?

Canon EOS 550d for film-making?

HiI've been shooting video for many years, have a vocational and univervisty qualification, curently work in the industry shooting on digiBeta, full size DVCAM, sony Z1's and importantly for your q... Read More »