The Effects of Industrialization on Animals?

Answer Industrialization is characterized by a move from an agrarian mode of living to one in which technological innovations is dominant. Admittedly, industrialization has numerous benefits that have ena... Read More »

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The Effects of the Ecosystem & Industrialization?

An ecosystem -- short for ecological system -- is a community of animals, plants and other organisms and the nonliving things of the environment functioning as an ecological unit. Or as the Frankli... Read More »

The Cause & Effects of Early Industrialization in America?

The United States was the first non-European country to successfully industrialize, beginning at the end of the 18th century. Industrialization had profound effects on all aspects of life in Americ... Read More »

What are the effects of DDT with animals?

DDT will kill the animals and will lower the animal population and slowly (if it keeps on happening) most of the animals will probably die. It might kill your pets (if you have any).

The Effects of Pollution on Plants & Animals?

Pollution isn't just a problem for humans. Pollution affects everything that lives on earth, including plants and animals. It has been blamed on everything from diseases like cancer in animals to e... Read More »