The Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage?

Answer America's minimum wage is a hotly contested topic, especially around election season. While a notable 1992 study by two Princeton University professors saw little to no impact from a raise in minim... Read More »

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Disadvantages of Increasing Minimum Wage?

You may have heard many negative effects of increasing the minimum wage. However, there are a few sincere concerns about the increase in the minimum wage that can directly affect the economy and th... Read More »

Reasons for Increasing Minimum Wage?

The debate whether to increase, decrease, or just abolish the minimum wage is hotly contested. The most commonly stated argument to decrease or even abolish the minimum wage is that the minimum wag... Read More »

Cons of Increasing the Minimum Wage?

The debate over whether to increase the minimum wage rages on. Proponents of an increase stress the importance of a working wage to families. They cite figures that suggest a high percentage of min... Read More »

Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage?

There are costs and benefits to any course of action when it comes to the possibility of raising minimum wage or leaving it where it is. The first step to a healthy discussion is to acknowledge tho... Read More »