The Effects of Hard Water on Skin?

Answer Hard water is comprised of high concentrations of undissolved minerals, such as calcium carbonate and dolomite. Although hard water contains these elements, it is not detrimental to your health, bu... Read More »

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What are the effects of hard work on the skin?

The skin reflects all the activities of the mind and body, which include the environment in which we put it through. Premature aging is the most common result; however, more serious conditions, suc... Read More »

The Effects of Hard Water on Evaporative Coolers?

Evaporative coolers capitalize on the endothermic effect of evaporating water drawing heat from its surroundings. As water evaporates, it carries away heat, but it leaves behind any nonwater partic... Read More »

How does hard water affect skin/laundry?

We've almost always lived in hard water areas, usually on well water. Yes, it does affect the laundry as well. We put a small inexpensive cartridge filter by the well, so all incoming water is at l... Read More »

Hard Water & Facial Skin Problems?

Many people who suffer from dry, red skin--and other skin irritations--have used every cream and lotion to combat it. But oftentimes they are unaware that the source of the problem is their water.