The Effects of Handwriting on Teachers' Grading of High School Essays?

Answer One of the benefits of teachers requiring a typed assignment is that everyone can profit from aesthetically similar papers. With handwritten papers, this is not the case. Everyone has their own han... Read More »

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Cons of Weighted Grading for High School?

Weighted grading is quite similar to the British University concept of valued subjects for university places. The general idea is that some classes are considered to be more academically demanding ... Read More »

Ethics & Grading Policies at the High School Level?

Grading in high school is somewhat controversial for a number of reasons. A survey of academic articles shows many studies debate or criticize the state of grading assessments for high school stude... Read More »

Types of Essays for High School?

High school essays can come in many forms. Students commonly encounter expository, cause and effect, definition and literary analysis essays. These essays are written in a style specific to the for... Read More »

How to Write a Thesis Statement in High School Essays?

Research papers and essays are a staple of high school courses, especially in subjects such as English, literature, history, social studies and science. High school students may experience trepidat... Read More »