The Effects of Forest Degradation on Ecosystems?

Answer Deforestation and degradation of forests create ecological problems in every part of the world. Deforestation is occurring at a rapid pace, especially in tropical regions where millions of acres ar... Read More »

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Animals in Forest Ecosystems?

The term ecosystem refers to an environment filled with living organisms that range from botanical life to animals. When referring to forest ecosystems, this can mean anything from a tropical rain ... Read More »

Ecosystems in the Tropical Rain Forest Biome?

The tropical rain forest is the most biologically diverse of all the ecosystems. Rain forests in South America, Asia and elsewhere provide a habitat for countless species of flora and fauna. Though... Read More »

Effects of Acid Rain on Ecosystems?

Acid rain forms when emissions containing high amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids interact with the environment. These discharges come from factory pollution as well as from natural sources like ... Read More »

What Are the Effects of Driving All Terrain Vehicles in Desert Ecosystems?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are three- or four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles which are intended for off road use and are usually not street legal. Because of their low center of gravity and low... Read More »