The Effects of Drought on Deserts?

Answer Deserts consist of very arid land, sparse vegetation, little rainfall and extreme heat. Rainfall must be under 10 inches yearly for a region to be considered a desert. Although deserts are usually ... Read More »

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How to Prepare for a Drought?

A drought occurs when there is a less-than-normal amount of rainfall over a range of time. Droughts can impact families by reducing items they depend on daily such as crops, livestock, trees and hy... Read More »

Are carnations drought tolerant?

Carnations are drought tolerant. They thrive in dry conditions. They grow best in full sun exposure for at least six hours per day. Carnations are perennial and will come back each spring.Source:To... Read More »

Walnut Trees & Drought?

Grown for their edible nuts and valuable timber, walnut trees are also widely used as shade trees in parks and backyards across the United States. Though native to the eastern part of the country, ... Read More »

Is there a cannabis drought on at the moment?

I dunno where u are but there is a drought round here .....been a massive series of 'raids' by the pigs and now its like gold dust to get hold of....grow ur own?