The Effects of Divorce on Kids Over Time?

Answer Divorce is almost always a stressful process for children. When a child's parents divorce, there may be adverse effects that take place as a child becomes a young adult, and these problems may cont... Read More »

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Is a cash settlement over time in divorce taxable?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, cash settlements that result from a divorce and are paid over time are considered taxable income and you must claim all payments on your tax return.Refere... Read More »

Effects of Low Levels of Carbon Monoxide Over Time?

Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, can be a silent killer. The gas is tasteless, odorless and invisible. Chimneys, gas appliances, furnaces and automobile exhaust from garages are possible sources ... Read More »

Do kids look like their adoptive parents over time?

It's not uncommon to mimic gestures and ways to speak, fashion and haircuts etc when living with someone all your life although they are not you biological family. So yes.

Financial Effects of Divorce?

When people marry, finances are typically commingled to such an extent that the household operates as a single financial entity. All expenses and income are shared, as is the use and ownership disp... Read More »