The Effects of Changing Technology on Teenagers?

Answer In recent years, advanced technology has had various effects on teenagers. For example, the Internet has changed the way teens utilize resources to help them complete homework assignments and resea... Read More »

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Why are teenagers so obsessed with technology?

Because it's fun and a cool way to spend your time. I love to text and play video games. I guess you are right in a way, teenagers need to get out and play but texting and playing video games and s... Read More »

Effects of generation gap to teenagers?

generation affect the teenager thinking and personaly,i think this generation affect the style of student study.

Negative Effects of Athletics on Teenagers?

Though athletics are very important in helping teenagers with time management, how to take care of themselves, and focusing on their classwork and grades, there can be some negative and surprising ... Read More »

Controversies Over the Effects of Music on Teenagers?

Many controversies have surfaced linking music to violence and suicide by teenagers. Some of these cases have gone to court; others were speculation. After suicides and school shootings, many peopl... Read More »