The Effects of Carbon in Motor Oil on a Shaft Seal?

Answer A standard oil change involves changing both the motor oil and the oil filter on your vehicle. The oil filter is meant to keep your motor oil clean by catching random particles that can contaminate... Read More »

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What Does a Selector Shaft Seal Do?

A selector shaft seal is a round mechanical seal located behind the selector shaft coupling and above the transmission output shaft of a car. It's three parts include the sealing element, a garter ... Read More »

Pinion Shaft Seal Removal?

Cars and trucks with a differential in an axle housing driven by an open drive shaft have a pinion shaft seal used to contain 90W gear oil inside the housing. A pinion gear translates the rotating... Read More »

How to Install a Balance Shaft Seal?

Balance shaft seals are rubber O-rings that seal in oil in and around the primary pulley belt arm in many vehicles. These typically degrade as the vehicle approaches 100,000 miles, roughly at the s... Read More »

How to Seal an RC Boat Drive Shaft?

RC, or remote control boats, run in the water just like their larger counterparts. Only they have electrically operated servos, controlled by electrical inputs, that allow them to maneuver, pick up... Read More »