The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body for the First Time?

Answer Many people don't think about the effects of alcohol on their body, from the first time they take a drink; however, from the moment you take your first sip of alcohol, your body and mind feel the e... Read More »

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Side Effects of Alcohol on the Body?

Alcohol addiction initially produces feelings of relaxation and cheerfulness, but further consumption can lead to many problems. Alcohol consumption is an addictive drug that can greatly increase s... Read More »

What are the effects of alcohol if I drink lots of alcohol daily?

The effects are damage to the nervous system, cardiovascular disease (heart), liver damage.

Prozac and Alcohol & effects?

What does the bottle say? Most anti-depressants have a label that says "Don't drink alcohol while taking this medication". BTW, alcohol makes depression worse. Source(s): Read More »

The Effects of Too Much Alcohol on the Face?

Drinking alcohol in moderation can be a relaxing activity, particularly enjoyable to those spending time with friends after a long day at work. Alcohol in excess, however, can wreak havoc on your b... Read More »