The Effects of Alcohol on Academics?

Answer The effect of alcohol on college academics can be detrimental. Influencing sleep, cognitive ability and general disposition, alcohol may be a typical aspect of college life, but it is largely a neg... Read More »

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The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Academics?

Extracurricular activities effect student performance on many levels. A study conducted by The Ecological Study of After-School care found that third-graders actively involved in extracurricular ac... Read More »

What are some statistics regarding sibling rivalry and its effects on academics?

If your sister is 10 and she want everything to go her way and is a bossy brat then there is no way that you can make her nice she think that just because she has a big head and she think that is c... Read More »

The Effects of Year-Round School Academics?

According to the The National Association for Year-Round Education, year-round education "centers on reorganizing the school year to provide more continuous learning by breaking up the long summer ... Read More »

What are the effects of alcohol if I drink lots of alcohol daily?

The effects are damage to the nervous system, cardiovascular disease (heart), liver damage.