The Effects of Absorbing Hydrogen Peroxide Through the Skin?

Answer As of 2011, it remains unclear how hydrogen peroxide is used by the body, but R. Webster Kehr of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., believes absorption of hydrogen peroxide into the ... Read More »

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Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Plants?

Hydrogen peroxide is a clear, colorless liquid that dissolves quickly in water. Although stores and pharmacies sell it as a packaged product, it also occurs within the natural ecosystem and even in... Read More »

The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide in Hair Bleaching Creams?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common ingredients used in hair coloring and bleaching. Despite the terms "bleaching" and "stripping," peroxide is not a bleach derivative, though it can be a n... Read More »

Can hydrogen peroxide bleach skin?

On One Hand: Skin DiscolorationHydrogen peroxide causes skin discoloration that could be interpreted as bleaching. Household peroxide--a three-percent solution--causes the skin to appear lighter wh... Read More »

Yesterday i put hydrogen peroxide on my skin, now its red!?

Hi brittney,Hydrogen peroxide is a rather corrosive chemical, even in low concentrations. For something like removing pimples the theory is that it kills the bacteria inside and the spot will shrin... Read More »