The Effects That Corsets Will Cause?

Answer Corsets were a part of a woman's daily garb for centuries. However, wearing corsets for long periods of time, especially when laced extremely tight, can cause health problems. Women who wear corset... Read More »

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Side Effects of Corsets?

Corsets have traditionally been worn to create a particular fit of clothing and appearance of figure. They are worn around the waist and are often laced up tightly to pull the waist into a smaller ... Read More »

Corsets of the 1800s?

As part of the romantic style of the 1800s, corsets were a mainstay in women's fashion. By the 1820s, women's styles were trending toward wider skirts and sleeves, lower waistlines and elaborate ha... Read More »

Easy to Make Corsets?

The easiest way to make your own corset is to buy a corset kit, which is readily available from a wide variety of online stores, according to Linda Sparks, author of "The Basics of Corset Building:... Read More »

How to Build Victorian Corsets?

By 1825, the high waists of the Regency era empire styles dropped back to a normal waistline. This made a corset necessary to obtain a smooth fashion look featuring a narrow waist, uplifted bosom a... Read More »