The Effect of High Sulfur Content in Tap Water?

Answer If you turn on the water in your home and it smells like rotten eggs, it is a safe bet that you have a high sulfur count in your water. Sulfur is a mineral that exists naturally in groundwater, sin... Read More »

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Can you use hard well water with a high iron content to fill a fiberglass pool?

Answer I would try to filter the water first. Additionally, I would use a product to reduce the fall out of iron on the pool walls. It will most likely take about two quarts initially. This would ... Read More »

Does the product called 'Metal Out' work to clear up pool water with a high iron content?

Answer yes it does but when using it make sure your clorine level is low that is when it works to its potential

How would you fix a low water pressure problem in a plumbing system that comes from a well has copper piping and a high iron content?

Answer The pressure can be adjusted at the pump. You may need to replace the inlet to the home with 3/4 inch water line. If you have 1/2 inch line and a high iron content, the pipes may be partiall... Read More »

Does sulfur react with water?

Sulfur poured into water is insoluble, meaning that the solution does not mix. For this reason, water and sulfur are nonreactive when mixed together. Sulfur dioxide, a product of metal smelting, ma... Read More »