The Effect of Fungus on Grass?

Answer When trying to maintain the appearance of your lawn, you must do battle with several destructive forces, including too little water, the neighbor's dog and weeds. You also must keep an eye out for ... Read More »

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Grass Fungus Cures?

There are 100,000 identified species of fungi, and hundreds more are identified annually. They come in a virtually endless variety of shapes, colors, sizes and textures. The majority of the fungal ... Read More »

Grass Fungus & Mushrooms?

According to research by the University of California-Davis agriculture department, most fungi found in lawns can be beneficial because they decompose organic matter. However, homeowners and garden... Read More »

Red Thead Grass Fungus?

Red thread disease is caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis and can easily be seen on blades of infected grass. This fungus creates web-like threads that are bright coral or red in color. They... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Grass Fungus?

A number of lawn diseases infect lawns such as brown patch, powdery mildew, red thread, rust, snow mold and leaf smut, to name a few. Typically, healthy lawns can fight off these diseases when prop... Read More »