The Educational Requirements for Forensic Entomology?

Answer Forensic entomology can be broadly defined as the scientific study of insects and other arthropod species as it relates to the law. A bachelor of science is the minimum degree for an entomologist, ... Read More »

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Educational Requirements for Forensic Toxicology?

A forensic toxicologist is part of a team of crime investigators who determine whether drugs, alcohol or poisons are present in a human or animal. The forensic toxicologist may be consulted after s... Read More »

Forensic Sculpting Educational Requirements?

Sometimes, skeletal remains cannot be identified by the police or the medical examiner. When this happens, forensic sculptors may be called in to help find the identity of the unknown person. Foren... Read More »

Educational Requirements for Forensic Toxicology Career?

Forensic toxicologists perform the gruesome task of examining bodily fluids taken from corpses to determine which, if any, toxins were present in their system at the time of death. Forensic toxicol... Read More »

Definition of Forensic Entomology?

Forensic entomology is most commonly used in crime scene investigation to determine the postmortem interval (PMI), commonly known as the "time since death," of a victim of a homicide. A certified f... Read More »