The Easiest Porch Styles?

Answer The porch is the very first thing visitors lay eyes on when entering a house. People often forget that the exterior is just as important as the interior when creating a look for your home. So clear... Read More »

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Architectural Porch Styles?

Each home with a porch usually has a porch style that conforms to the basic features of the home's architecture. Depending on your architectural style, your porch may require columns instead of por... Read More »

The Styles of Different Porch Roof Additions?

A porch is a quiet place where you can entertain, relax or enjoy the outdoors. A well-built, attractive porch will add value to your home. If you are going to add a porch, the most important consid... Read More »

Porch Roof Designs & Styles?

Adding a porch roof over your patio or doorway can be a worthwhile investment. From keeping the rain and snow away from your door to shading and cooling your home in summer, a porch will increase t... Read More »

Should you waterproof a wood porch before you glue outdoor carpet to the porch?

Answer yes you should waterproof it but the wood will not last as long as usual because outdoor carpet holds water and will rot the wood in time. Answer no ... do what u want i guess.......